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Anhua Dark Tea introduction

Anhua Dark Tea introduction

Anhua Dark Tea is a fascinating tea variety. To really know and understand it, you will need multiple tasting sessions of all its variations. Following are a series of essential facts that serve as a basic introduction and companion to your discovery of this tasty and unique tea:


  • Geography: Anhua Dark Tea is produced in Anhua County and Xinhua County in Hunan Province, China.
  • History: In 1524, the expression ‘dark tea’, was used for the first time in print. It specifically designed dark tea from the Anhua region.
  • Tea type: As indicated in its name, Anhua Dark Tea belongs to the post-fermented dark tea type.
  • Tea plant: The tea plants growing around Anhua County are middle-sized bushes.
  • Processing: Smoking’ the leaves over pinewood is what gives Anhua Dark Tea its unique character. Different types of compression and wrapping result in Anhua Dark Tea’s different variations.
  • Variations: Heizhuan (Dark Brick), Huajuan (Patterned Roll) and Tianjian (Heavenly Tips) are variations that offer premium teas of the highest quality.
  • Storage: Anhua Dark Tea is suited for ageing. It should be stored in a clean and odour-free environment, without direct contact to sunlight.
  • Preparation: Anhua Dark Tea is relatively easy to prepare. It can be made gongfu-style, or simply left to brew in a pot. We recommend using 3-5 grams for one session.
  • Feeling: Anhua Dark Tea is reputed for its regulating and appeasing effect on the digestive system, which results in an overall feeling of well-being.

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