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Introducing 2015 Big Leaves Fu Brick

2015 Big Leaves Fu Brick

Fu Brick Tea is a rather difficult topic. On the one hand, it is probably the most well-known and most widely available variation of Anhua Dark Tea. Indeed, it probably serves as an introduction to Anhua Dark Tea for many people. On the other hand, good quality Fu Brick Tea is not that easy to find, as it is often produced with low quality material.

Another style of Fu Brick Tea

2017 Gongjian Fu Brick was our first successful sourcing of a Fu Brick Tea we felt comfortable with offering at a reasonable price. In order to diversify our choice of Fu Brick Tea, we have been looking for another style of Fu Brick Tea.

2015 Big Leaves Fu Brick was made with wild / untended leaves growing in the Jiulongchi area of Anhua County. As indicated in its name, the leaves were picked at a rather late stage. After processing, they were compressed into big bricks of three kilograms.

Warming qualities & sweet notes of vanilla

2015 Big Leaves Fu Brick has undergone the traditional ‘slow baking’ processing step, which favours the development of ‘golden flowers’, an essential part of Fu Brick Tea.

The result is a quite different kind of Fu Brick Tea. It stands out for its warming qualities and its sweet notes of vanilla. During its five years of ageing it has also developed a distinctive ‘medicinal’ taste and feeling.

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