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Introducing 2018 Dark Brick Duo

Introducing 2018 Dark Brick Duo

There are many factors that influence a tea’s taste and feeling. In the world of Anhua Dark Tea, the grade (size) of the tea leaves used is a key element. 2018 Dark Brick Duo offers you the opportunity to explore this aspect further

Two portions of Dark Brick Tea

While it cannot be said that a particular grade makes a better tea, the differences in the final result are noticeable. 2018 Dark Brick Duo gives you twice 25 grams from two dark bricks produced identically, except for the grade of tea leaves used.

Same material, different grades

Both bricks were made by the same artisans during the spring of 2018 with leaves from Xuefeng Mountain. One brick was made with more tippy leaves, similar to the ones used for Tianjian Tea, while the other was made with bigger leaves, similar to those usually used for Huajuan Tea.

The differences are evident in terms of visual aspect, smell, and taste. Enjoy!

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