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Introducing 2018 Muyang Dark Brick

2018 Muyang Dark Brick

Muyang Mountain (木杨界 or 牧杨界) is a name that is not known by many tea lovers. It is mostly local people in Anhua County who are aware that it offers some of the best conditions for growing tea.

New edition of an old classic

Our first endeavor into Muyang Mountain was 2015 Muyang Dark Brick. This tea very soon became one of our favourite dark bricks of all times. It also became much appreciated by our customers. So much so that we are now sold out, without the possibility to restock it.

However, we have found an excellent replacement: 2018 Muyang Dark Brick was produced by the same artisan from Muyang Mountain with the same grade and quality of leaves.

Same leaves; less ageing; better processing

If, like many others, you were a fan of the 2015 version, the 2018 version will be a very interesting experience. Three years younger, the 2018 version still retains some freshness and energy, which were almost covered by ageing in the 2015 version.

The artisan who produced both vintages says that his skills have improved in the three years separating both bricks. This is not unusual with the few artisans from the younger generation, committed to making high-end teas.

We wish you a an interesting and satisfying experience on the discovery of our 2018 Muyang Dark Brick!

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