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Introducing 2020 Muyang Buds

Introducing 2020 Muyang Buds

Muyang Mountain is a tea terroir, which we have been exploring and enjoying more and more. We think that this relatively unknown tea mountain produces some of the best leaves in Anhua County. 2020 Muyang Buds is our latest addition from that mountain.

Fine terroir

We have been very lucky to find a tea producer from Muyang Mountain, who we trust and who’s style of teas corresponds to our preferences.

Compared to the better known Gaoma Mountain, leaves from Muyang Mountain tend to have sweeter taste notes with somewhat less intensity. 2020 Muyang Buds was produced with a grade of leaves thinner and finer than Tianjian Tea. These fine buds have been heavily compressed into small portions of about 7 grams.

Convenient for brewing and storing

These small portions are both convenient for brewing and ideal for storing. This tea combines the sweetness of the Muyang terroir and the subtlety of its high-grade leaves with the comforting notes of smokiness, which are typical of young Anhua Dark Tea.

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