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Introducing 2020 Muzi Tianjian

2020 Muzi Tianjian is our first tea from 2020 to be released. Produced in spring, it will soon be reaching one year of age at the moment we are writing this post. At this point it is still a very young tea with all the crispness and freshness that go with it.

Untended leaves from unrenowned terroir

In terms of fame, Muzi (木子) does not count as a ‘famous tea mountain’. It is the first village to the north of Dongping, Anhua County’s administrative center. It is not one of those remote, hard to access villages, where tea growing is the main activity. However, on the higher slopes of the village there are ideal tea growing conditions. Some of the ‘wild’ and untended tea bushes growing there offer more character and richness than any plantation tea plants. This is exactly the kind of material 2020 Muzi Tianjian is made of.

Carefully and skillfully processed

Overlooked by most, because there are not many of them and they are not attached to a famous terroir, the leaves from these plants were selected by a passionate tea artisan who knew exactly what he was looking for. They were then given the highest care and skill during the many processing steps required for Anhua Dark Tea, worthy of the hidden gems that they really are.

Energizing and full of ageing potential

At the moment we write this post, 2020 Muzi Tianjian combines the comforting nature of good Anhua Dark Tea with a refreshing energy. In a couple of years, this energy will mellow and give this tea a more soothing character.

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