Introducing 2015 Big Leaves Fu Brick

2015 Big Leaves Fu Brick

Fu Brick Tea is a rather difficult topic. On the one hand, it is probably the most well-known and most widely available variation of Anhua Dark Tea. Indeed, it probably serves as an introduction to Anhua Dark Tea for many people. On the other hand, good quality Fu Brick Tea is not that easy to find, as it is often produced with low quality material.

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Golden Flowers: demystifying Fu Brick Tea’s secret

Golden Flowers

‘Golden Flowers’ (金花) are what gives Fu Brick Tea its special character. We have realized that there is much misinformation circulating about these beneficial microorganisms, which are often surrounded in unnecessary mystery. In this post, we give you basic knowledge about these elusive ‘golden flowers’.

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Back in China

We are back in China. It took us less time than we may have initially planned, but there are just too many advantages to be close to the source of our teas and ship them from there.

We are located in the big southwestern city of Chongqing, which is a very convenient hub and, since it touches Hunan Province, is close enough to Anhua County.

Regular shipping will resume around 14. February. All new orders will be shipped after this date (no changes in shipping fees).

We are excited about being able to take advantage of the new flexibility and opportunities that this move gives us.

An area in which you will probably see a rapid evolution is our selection of teaware, thanks to our collaboration with our friend who owns Rushi Yinxiang ( 如是印象 ), a brand specializing in fine Chinese teaware and accessories. Her shop in Chongqing is also our centre of operations.

If you ever happen to be in Chongqing, let us know and we will be very happy to share a tasting of fine Anhua Dark Tea with you.

曼曼 (Manman) & Julian

Shipping from Switzerland & Happy New Year!

Qianliang Tea logs ageing

This is a short post to say that we are back in Switzerland and will be shipping our teas from there during the coming months. There is no change in the shipping fees.

We also want to thank you all warmly for your support and trust during the year 2019! This year has been very important for us and we look back at it overwhelmingly satisfied, thanks to the tea-related bond we have been able to create with our customers. 2020 will be another important step in our mission to promote high quality Anhua Dark Tea …

The picture above shows logs of Qianliang Tea ageing in Anhua County.

We wish you a very happy 2020!

Manman (曼曼) & Julian