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Late snow in Anhua County

We have recently received several videos by Anhua Dark Tea producers, of relatively heavy snowfall on the tea producing mountains of Anhua County.

Seemingly late snowfall

These videos of Anhua County’s landscape covered in snow are beautiful and very appeasing, but they might seem to be unusually late in the season. Indeed, Chinese New Year, aka Spring Festival, was already a couple of weeks ago and some tea producing regions will soon have their first batch of spring tea available.

Not unusual and rather a good thing

However, this kind of weather is not uncommon for the mountains of Anhua County at this period of the year. This explains why spring tea in Anhua County is always quite late. The tea plants need at least another month.

A good winter allows the tea plants to rest and replenish before making their first spring buds. High mountain tea harvest, which is sought after for its better quality, always happens at a later stage, because of the harsher climate.

Late snow on Muyang Mountain:

Late snow on Gaoma Mountain 1:

Late snow on Gaoma Mountain 2:

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