2020 Muyang Buds


  • Variety: Yajian Tea
  • Origin:  Muyang Mountain, Anhua County, Hunan Province, China
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Quality: artisanal tea, highest grade of Anhua Dark Tea, wild / untended tea trees
  • Taste indications: liquorice, melon, pine resin, rice pudding
  • Quantity: 50 grams in total (small round portions of about 7 grams) 
  • Particularity: 2020 Muyang Buds was made with ‘Yajian Grade’ leaves, which is finer than ‘Tianjian Grade’ / The leaves were then heavily compressed into small portions / This is both convenient for brewing and ideal for storing.

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Weight 50 g

liquorice, melon, pine resin, rice pudding

liquorice taste


melon taste


pine resin taste


rice pudding taste



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