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Ready for a new tea experience?

Ready for a new tea experience

For most of you, Anhua Dark Tea is probably a new experience. At the moment it belongs to the lesser known teas and many experienced tea lovers have never tried it, despite its long lasting history. Every tea has its own profile and character. This is why any tea should always be appreciated by its own criteria.

Get to know the tea

Tasting a new tea variety for the first time can be both exciting and disconcerting, because it is done without familiarity with its own standards and requirements: what is looked for in certain varieties, is frowned upon for others. Plus, there always is a certain degree of ‘acquired taste’ at play. In our experience one can only truly appreciate a tea after at least three tasting sessions.

When it comes to Anhua Dark Tea, you will find that it is a grounded and balanced tea that will leave you with a sensation of well-being. Gently stimulating, Anhua Dark Tea has always been known to be soothing for the stomach.

Feel the tea; don’t analyze it

Rather than ‘tasting’ tea, we fell that the expression ‘feeling’ is more appropriate for Anhua Dark Tea. While it has a delicate and exquisite taste, it will not impose itself onto you. On the contrary, it will accompany and assist you throughout the day with its natural qualities.

For some of you it will become, no doubt, a delicacy to be enjoyed, while for others it will become part of a daily routine. For some, like us, it will be appreciated in both ways. Over the years, we have personally come to enjoy more and more how a tea makes you feel over the long run. Anhua Dark Tea really excels at this.

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